A Video Tour of our Van

A few weeks ago, we met up with our super adventurous friend Darren Alff, creator of Bicycle Touring Pro, in the blossoming springtime city of Brasov. We cycled, hiked, camped out in the Transylvanian forest, enjoyed the local cuisine and climbed high above the treetops. Read more about our time in Brasov here.

On the last day of our visit, Darren shot a video tour, in which we show you inside our self-converted stealth camper-van, and home for the past five months, with a basic look at some of our favourite features and gadgets. Take a look!


Check out our Romania Flickr album here!


  1. Great video, great blog. Just wondered about your water supply. Running cold water on demand, providing there is some in the container, but what about hot/warm water? Do you bother or just boil water as and when you need it?

    • Hi Andy – we haven’t really got a system in place for hot water, other than boiling a kettle whenever we really need it. We’ve not actually needed hot water particularly, washing up etc is done with cold water and good soap, and our kettle has mostly been used for tea, but some sort of hot water system is one of the (many) things we’ve been doing research on for in the future – for showers! We’ll keep you posted – thanks for commenting!!

      • Just an idea. I recently found a video on youtube by rickvanman (he’s not me). His hot water solution is a 10 litre water container sprayed black. he places the container, with water inside, on his roof and a few hours later he has hot water. This does require the sun and a smaller container will heat up quicker. I haven’t tried this yet but worth investigating. This is the best, easiest idea if found so far. The link to rickvanman’s video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6UOA9c7L4g and the part about the hot water starts about 5 minutes in.

  2. Hi guys,
    I saw you guys first on the van dog traveller blog. I’m truly impressed with what you’ve managed to squeeze in such a small van 🙂 Congrats!
    We drive a Ford Transit MWB HiTop and even so space is still the most limiting factor.
    On the video you guys mention you are aiming for Norway. My girlfriend is Norwegian, so I’ve spent a couple of months there last year and we did a few trips with the van. I’m currently in Norway again, leaving to Greece with the van in late June. So kind of the opposite direction 🙂
    It’s hard to see in the map you have here on the website, but on it seems that you might be barely missing some cools spots “around” Bergen, e.g. Moss, Gudvangen, Hardangervidda Plateau, etc. All gorgeous sites. It’s a lovely area.
    If you want to check it out, our trip around that area (with the route and pics) is here: http://www.roamingonwheels.com/#!trip:trip=10
    (The website is still under construction though)

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