Waking up on the Isle of Skye, Scotland


The immeasurable depth of the Atlantic ocean’s lungs can be felt at full force on the beautiful, barren, Isle of Skye. It was 4am, and we had stopped our van for the night, choosing to take shelter in the tiny fishing town of Portree, in truth more a village than a town, rich with the heavy aroma of salt-water, the screeching of seagulls, and stone buildings painted pastel colours, perched against deep velvet green cliff-sides, lining the water’s edge.


A December storm raged outside, rain turned sleet cast down from the heavy black sky at sharp angles, and howling gusts of wind shook our van violently, as we huddled inside our blanket burrow and attempted to sleep, though the sharp ringing of rain on our metal roof and plastic vent, together with the wild and whistling westerly wind, hampered our efforts quite considerably, left us wide eyed awake and restless.


We have a whole set on flickr from our adventures in Scotland

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