Thoughts: Minimalism

There is unknowable strength to be found in simplification, in the trimming away, and eventual elimination, of the inherently inessential. There are so many ways through which you might undertake such a journey. You might live out of a backpack, or perhaps in a van, you might travel the world on a bicycle, or build a house somewhere untamed and fill it only with those few things that are necessary for an existence in which experience, love, and sustainability, are valued at far greater a level than anything you could ever purchase. Your particular path may not need be so extreme, perhaps you might just unclutter an attic, clear out a wardrobe, anything. Memories are luminescence; the precious, glimmering, treasures by which we should truly value a life.


As you begin to free yourself from material concerns, you will begin to open yourself up to what is no longer the acceptance, but the appreciation, of imperfection, and in turn, transience, the profundity of nature, the everyday magic that is the mindfulness of minimalism. For me, at least, this can be found in the quiet, undeclared, interestingness of something waiting patiently to be discovered, it’s modesty and simplicity propelling it into the fractal realm of beauty. Nothing is perfect, nothing lasts, and nothing is finished.


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