Hi. We’re Sophie and Mike. Having known each other for many years, in 2013, on a freezing cold blustery Autumn day in Chicago, we finally met in person. We immediately connected, through our shared love of the open road, and the colour blue, and after several months of planning, we finally started our grand travel adventure in July 2014. We hope to explore Europe for several months, in a blue Hyundai H200 van, visiting various wild places, farms, forests, families, and all the magical and unknown hidden away places that we hope we might just stumble upon. We’ll document it all through a series of videos, photographs, art, and writing. We hope to experience as many alternative ways of living as possible, in our hunt for sustainability and fulfillment.

We hope that our travel blog might serve as a useful, practical, and perhaps even inspiring guide to anybody planning their own journey. We believe that life is about exploration, about giving into wanderlust, about living every day to it’s fullest, and about carving out your own path. We believe that travel can be accessible to just about anybody, on any budget, and we believe that travel is certainly not an escape, but, instead, about running, arms wide open, into life at it’s fullest, it’s most colourful, spellbinding, and hypnotic. We believe that there is no such thing as coincidence.

Most importantly, from this point onwards, we are determined to live our lives at a more relaxed pace. So join us on our whirlwind adventure…

1656059_629987143704717_906776086_nMeet Sophie

I’m Sophie. I’m a musician, and aspiring vandweller, fascinated by minimalism, nomadic living, simplicity and sustainability. I am a vegan food (dessert) appreciator, photography enthusiast, and I have an insatiable and seemingly incurable case of wanderlust.

I love the quiet, and the mountains. I enjoy adventure, bicycle rides, and avocados.

Some of my favourite things:

Windchimes. Forests. The way that light behaves. Magnolia trees. Glacial landscapes. Hidden away secret places. Stained glass and sunbeams through leaves. Peppermint tea. Mist and moss and campfires.

IMG_2922Meet Mike

I’m Mike. I’m a photographer and filmmaker. I was born in California and grew up traveling quite a bit. I earned my Eagle Scout award at age 15.

For many years I was burdened down by a huge documentary project. I have miraculously finally finished it after successfully overcoming an overwhelming amount of hurdles, and am now embarking on this new adventure we are calling “Relaxed Pace.”

I enjoy windchimes, bike touring, minimalism, tiny houses, travel, trees, waterfalls, music, you get the idea.


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  1. A loud HELLO to you both, I’m 51 and for the past year been dreaming of an easier paced lifestyle, I’m going to try the minimalist route but as I’m a bit older than yourselves I may need a few more creature comforts. Never had the chance before now with various commitments, but now I’m on my own and had 10 years of life’s pressures it’s time for me now……I have enjoyed reading your blogs and looking through the your travels and stories, never to old I say, so time to buckle up and stretch my legs…….I find inspiration in your stories and maybe a little courage……best of luck……

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