I’m Sophie. I’m currently living in my conversion Ford E150 camper van travelling the USA for the next few months. I spent a year and a half exploring Europe in another van, with my friend, and incredible photographer, Mike Hedge.

Some of my favourite things:

Windchimes. Forests. The way that light behaves. Magnolia trees. Glacial landscapes. Hidden away secret places. Stained glass and sunbeams through leaves. Peppermint tea. Mist and moss and campfires.

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  1. A loud HELLO to you both, I’m 51 and for the past year been dreaming of an easier paced lifestyle, I’m going to try the minimalist route but as I’m a bit older than yourselves I may need a few more creature comforts. Never had the chance before now with various commitments, but now I’m on my own and had 10 years of life’s pressures it’s time for me now……I have enjoyed reading your blogs and looking through the your travels and stories, never to old I say, so time to buckle up and stretch my legs…….I find inspiration in your stories and maybe a little courage……best of luck……

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