The Algarve, Portugal


White sand beaches shimmering, we’re stepping on pearlescent treasures, tiny shells in endless shades of pink, capturing the bright winter sun, which shines strong on our winter skin. We’re in southern Portugal, the Algarve, it’s the late afternoon, and we’re caught in the calm between two thunderstorms.


The morning saw vivid rainbows burst momentarily into being, under a velvety grey and purple sky, as we followed the autoroute, lined with countless orange groves, along the coast.


Now we’ve come to some hidden cove, the compacted layered walls of which are made up of millions of years of life. The further we walk along the beach, the more we uncover.


We crawl under a naturally eroded archway, climb over bubbling rockpools, home to scores of tiny fish you don’t know the names of, and emerge out into some secret place.


We have a Portugal flickr set here.

We also made a slideshow:

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