Dancing Rabbit

Missouri in late July, is humid and sticky. Hickory hollows full of hissing cicadas, gardens full of yet-to-ripen heirloom tomatoes. The corn is as tall as you are, and the sunflowers, are even taller.

Founded in 1997, Dancing Rabbit is perhaps one of the United States most well known and talked about ecovillages. Set on 280 acres of green arable land, Dancing Rabbit is an eclectic collection of natural and green-built houses, community buildings, living spaces known as warrens, ponds and forests. Home, currently, to approximately 60 full time inhabitants, each having agreed to the six set rules of the community, that they will each ‘live lightly’. Dancing Rabbit even has it’s own cafe, village shop, and internal collectives.

Mike and I visited the community for a few days, and were hosted by the Critters Collective, one of the more rugged collectives at Dancing Rabbit, with an outdoor kitchen and the responsibility of managing the various animals that call Dancing Rabbit home, to include chickens, ducks, goats, and perhaps, soon, a cow.

We were given various tours around the land, including a particularly enjoyable and highly informative introduction to the local plantlife; cattails, bergamot, poison oak, chicory as blue as the sky.

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